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Street Fighter 5 will be free for a while

Posted By BlackAngel In 22 Apr 2019
Street Fighter 5 will be free for a while

If you like games about beating dudes in weird costumes, then you'll be busy for the following week. Street Fighter 5 will be free on Steam for a limited period, offering acces to a variety of game modes and acces to over 20 characters, not only from the base game but also from DLC's.

You will be able to play the game on your own, and also experience all the competitive modes available through the internet. The offer starts on 23rd of April and it ends on 5th of May, so you have enough time to catch at least one game with your friends, or finish the story mode of the game. At least I imagine it has one now.

The first release of Street Fighter 5 wasn't very exciting, the game being criticised for the poor content that in came with, a consequence of the hurry the developers were in as they tried to finish the game for EVO 2016. Since then, Capcom has been working on a fix, the current version being Arcade Edition, in which a ton of things were fitted. Happily, different from other Street Fighter editions, the Arcade one came as an update, not as a separate acquisition.

If Street Fighter 5 has got better, you'll be able to decide yourselves starting tomorrow.

It's not the first time Capcom hosts an event like this, the game being free for a period in December.

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