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Jump Force Review: just for anime lovers

Posted By Ghost In 02 Mar 2019
Jump Force Review: just for anime lovers

Developing a "beating" video game that combines the most popular anime franchises is a titanic challenge. How do you manage to combine fighters from so different worlds? The ratio of forces is incomparable, with different bases and terms of comparison. But the task is not impossible, and the newest game published by Bandai Namco Entertainment - Jump Force - is the perfect example: at least in theory, a balance can be struck between different heroes. Achieving this harmony does not guarantee a successful end result.

Jump Force has everything for all anime fans because it brings together the heroes of childhood of those born before the Chernobyl catastrophe as well as the preference of a generation of young people who can not imagine a cell phone without Internet access. Not missing the famous characters in Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Bleach, My Hero Academy, Fist of the North Star, Hunter x Hunter, but less popular heroes in our lands Yagami Light from Death Note. Taking into account the Bandai Namco traditions, it is easy to understand that the emphasis is on Son Goku, Luffy and Naruto.

The story is simplistic one: all anime worlds already mentioned are a step to merge the real world because of the machinations of an evil character which infects manga heroes and ordinary people alike, using so-called Umbras Cubes. Corruption so manifested can be removed from the victims of the cubes only through a broken beating in the sky, administered by the player. But who are you actually? Instead get inside any hero already famous, you'll start to a status more modest, that of a mortal who survives confrontation with Frieza and decides to join the team composed of good guys, Jump Force headed if the a clone of Nick Fury. Passing over the story of origin, physically, your avatar can be anyone, because manufacturers have built a sufficiently detailed customization system, the result of individualizing your hero is limited only by your own imagination.

One thing is certain, like God Eater 3 and other games from Bandai Namco, your avatar will be deprived of the grace of speech, being able to express itself only by moving his head in agreement or disagreement. After the introductory sequence of the game, you will realize that you are dealing with a story worthy of Golden Raspberry. As a video game with fights, we did not expect an Oscar scenario, much more important being the control and fluidity of the game. Unfortunately manufacturers were able to separate these features in the most unfortunate manner possible: PC get the 60 frames per second needed to play in the best conditions, but control is implemented catastrophic keyboard, while the console, control is All right, but the game fails to maintain even 30 fps. The ideal combination is to play on a PC with a controller.

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